10 Tips for Creating an Outdoor Kitchen

10 Tips for Creating an Outdoor Kitchen

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An outdoor kitchen isn’t just for cooks—it’s for everyone. You don’t have to be a gourmet chef or spend all day prepping meals in order to enjoy your backyard.

In fact, creating an outdoor kitchen can be one of the best ways to make your backyard family-friendly and entertaining for everyone in your household.

And while you might think that you need to hire a professional landscape designer, it’s actually easier than you think.

Here are 10 tips for creating an outdoor kitchen that will be enjoyed by all members of your family:

1. Choose Your Location Carefully

An outdoor kitchen is great because it allows you to entertain outside, but if your yard is shaded most of the day, there’s no point in spending money on an expensive grill.

Make sure that wherever you choose to put your grill gets plenty of sunlight throughout most of the year so that guests can comfortably cook and mingle during different times of the day.

2. Create a Comfortable Seating Area

Outdoor kitchens aren’t just about cooking; they’re also about relaxing with family and friends after dinner. If you want to create an outdoor space where people can sit down and relax after dinner, consider building some sort of patio furniture into your design.

10 Tips for Creating an Outdoor Kitchen

A patio set with cushioned chairs is perfect for sitting around a fire pit at night or enjoying morning coffee in the sun.

3. Incorporate Built-in Storage

One of the benefits of having an outdoor kitchen is that it frees up indoor counter space. However, if you plan to use your outdoor kitchen frequently, you may still find yourself running out of room for pots and pans.

To prevent clutter from taking over your yard, look into adding built-in storage cabinets in your design. This way, you can store food items away when not in use without sacrificing valuable counter space.

4. Keep it Simple

The number one mistake people make when designing their outdoor kitchen is trying to cram too many features into their design.

While you definitely want to include all of your favorite appliances, remember that less really is more when it comes to outdoor kitchens.

Keep things simple by choosing only two or three key appliances (i.e., grill, sink, refrigerator) and incorporating them well into your overall design scheme.

5. Add Lighting

Lighting doesn’t just enhance safety; it makes everything look better too!

Whether you’re using your outdoor kitchen at night or during dinnertime, add as much lighting as possible to your design.

10 Tips for Creating an Outdoor Kitchen

You can do this by installing recessed lights above every surface and adding accent lights along pathways.

6. Consider Buying Used

When planning your budget for an outdoor kitchen, don’t forget to factor in savings from buying used appliances instead of new ones. Many homeowners upgrade their grills every few years anyway, so why buy brand new?

By looking for a gently used grill, you can save hundreds of dollars and help reduce waste.

7. Use Contrasting Colors

Contrast is what gives your outdoor kitchen its personality. By using bright, bold colors in your design, you can transform your outdoor kitchen into an extension of your home that’s fun to be in all day long.

8. Keep it Clean

If you’re going to be inviting guests into your backyard, make sure that your outdoor kitchen is always clean.

You don’t have to obsessively scrub your grill after every use, but cleaning it once a week should be sufficient.

9. Include a Sink

Even if you don’t plan to wash dishes in your outdoor kitchen, you should still install a sink for convenience.

10 Tips for Creating an Outdoor Kitchen

Not only does a sink give you a place to wash your hands, but it can also be used for filling large containers with water or ice.

10. Don’t Skimp on Appliances

It’s tempting to try and cut corners when it comes to your outdoor kitchen, but don’t make that mistake.

If you want an outdoor kitchen that’s safe and enjoyable for everyone in your family, don’t skimp on appliances.

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