10 Steps to Designing a Backyard That Your Whole Family Will Enjoy

10 Steps to Designing a Backyard That Your Whole Family Will Enjoy

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If you want your backyard to be a place where the whole family can spend time together and bond, it’s best to plan ahead and make sure that it’s designed to accommodate everyone in the family, including children, teenagers, and adults.

The 10 steps listed below will help you design your yard with this goal in mind and create an outdoor space that brings everyone together every day of the year!

1. Expand Your Patio

Patios are great, but if you can expand your patio area and include several seating areas for family members of all ages, it will greatly increase your backyard’s versatility.

10 Steps to Designing a Backyard That Your Whole Family Will Enjoy

Create fun spaces for everyone from an adult-only hideaway under an arbor to a multi-tiered kiddie section with water fountains.

A backyard that caters to everyone in your family is sure to be a winner.

2) Create an Outdoor Kitchen

Many modern family-friendly backyard designs include an outdoor kitchen—or at least, space for one. (And when your kids are grown up and have their own families, you’ll be glad that you did.)

These areas typically feature several appliances and cooking accessories—and even seating.

While grilling is often a focal point of outdoor kitchens, they’re also great places for entertaining or just hanging out on cool summer evenings.

3) Add a Wading Pool

Wading pools have long been a staple in family-friendly backyards. Fill one with water, and you’ll see your kids splash around, splashing each other and cooling off on hot summer days.

However, putting in an entire pool is costly and time-consuming, so why not start with something that’s easier and more affordable: a wading pool?

10 Steps to Designing a Backyard That Your Whole Family Will Enjoy

A wading pool can be as simple as a child-sized plastic kiddie pool or as elaborate as a custom fiberglass or steel model; either way, it’s less expensive than installing an actual swimming pool.

And even if you do decide to go for an in-ground swimming pool at some point down the road, having a small wading pool will still be useful for those times when it’s too cold or rainy outside for your children to swim.

4) Build an in-ground Trampoline

In-ground trampolines, like in-home pools, take up quite a bit of space in your backyard. They can be fun for kids and adults alike—provided you can safely build and install one yourself or ask a Family Handyman.

Just remember: An in-ground trampoline is a large investment, so don’t cut corners on safety!

5) Add a Ping Pong Table

Ping pong tables don’t require much space, and they’re perfect for active families with lots of kids.

10 Steps to Designing a Backyard That Your Whole Family Will Enjoy

With multiple people playing at once, ping pong can be fast-paced—and very competitive!

If you want some friendly competition around your property, it may be time to add a table.

6) Put up Giant Jenga Blocks

Giant Jenga blocks make for a family-friendly backyard. Whether you set them up in rows or randomly on your lawn, they’re guaranteed to get kids and adults alike outside running around.

They’re also safer than climbing up a tree—and they won’t leave any marks on your grass when people fall off!

7) Add Sprinklers

There’s nothing more fun for your kids than running through sprinklers in your backyard. Not only do these provide hours of outdoor playtime, but they also add beauty and flexibility to your design.

10 Steps to Designing a Backyard That Your Whole Family Will Enjoy

Sprinklers are inexpensive and easy to install and don’t require much maintenance. Consider adding them if you have kids or plan on having them.

If you have children, it’s especially important that you include places for them to play.

8) Build a Putting Green

Putting greens are an obvious choice for creating a family-friendly backyard space. Not only will you and your spouse love spending time out on it, but your kids will have a place to hang out that’s theirs—not yours!

Putting greens can accommodate up to four players at once, and because they can be tailored specifically for each player, it’s an opportunity for Dad and his boys (or Mom and her girls) or Grandpa and his grandkids to have their own turf.

9) Build Some Shade Structures

When planning your family-friendly backyard, one of your first concerns should be what sort of outdoor structures you’re going to build for shade.

This can be in-ground or above-ground structures and needn’t be elaborate – just something functional that blocks out enough light so you won’t have to worry about protecting anyone from sunburn.

10) Celebrate With Family Barbecues

Barbecues are great for getting together with your family and friends. When designing your backyard, remember that everyone in your family might not have exactly the same tastes—so it’s important to consider everyone’s preferences when planning where things like seating areas and grills will go.

Also, don’t forget about including fun activities like bocce ball and badminton if you want some action!

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