Animals that Can be Farmed in the Backyard

6 Animals that Can be Farmed in the Backyard

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One of my favorite ways to get my kids outside is by creating an animal habitat. Not only does it provide them with hours of entertainment and opportunity for learning, but it’s great exercise too!

It doesn’t matter how big or small your backyard is—you can create an animal farm in no time. Here are seven animals that would love to call your yard home!

1. Chickens

Raising chickens is as simple as providing them with enough space (in a coop) and giving them access to water and food – both of which should be available at all times.

6 Animals that Can be Farmed in the Backyard

Be sure to put up a fence so that your children don’t lose track of where their chickens are located, and check out some chicken breeds before deciding on which ones to raise.

2. Goats

They may not be as cute as bunnies or chicks, but goats are great pets for kids because they require less attention and maintenance than other animals on our list.

6 Animals that Can be Farmed in the Backyard

A small pen will do just fine for these creatures, who are known to eat just about anything.

Just like chickens, however, it’s important to set up a fence around your yard so that your children know exactly where their animals are located.

3. Pigs

Unlike other farm animals, pigs aren’t very active when kept in captivity, meaning children won’t have to worry about taking them out for walks.

6 Animals that Can be Farmed in the Backyard

All you need is a pigsty and some tasty snacks to feed your new pig friend.

It may take a while for your child to build up a relationship with his or her piggy pal, but once they do, it’ll be hard not to fall in love with those adorable little snouts.

4. Donkeys

Similar to pigs, donkeys are docile creatures that spend most of their days lounging around.

6 Animals that Can be Farmed in the Backyard

However, unlike pigs, donkeys tend to live longer than 20 years and can become quite attached to children over time.

This means that you’ll likely end up spending a good amount of money on keeping your donkey happy and healthy throughout its lifetime. But hey, what parent doesn’t enjoy spoiling their child?

5. Sheep

Sheep are extremely social animals that thrive in groups, making them a fun addition to any family.

6 Animals that Can be Farmed in the Backyard

Plus, they’re relatively low-maintenance and don’t require much space.

As long as you have a fenced area for your sheep to roam freely, you shouldn’t have any problems with these woolly animals.

6. Alpacas

Last but certainly not least are alpacas, which are smaller cousins of llamas and camels. While they’re not as playful as other farm animals, alpacas are known for their soft fur and fluffy tails.

6 Animals that Can be Farmed in the Backyard

Like most farm animals, alpacas don’t need a lot of space to survive.

You can even keep them in your backyard as long as you have a sturdy fence to contain them.

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